About our Agility Tunnels

Please note that all goods are made to order The agility equipment has a 10 weeks lead time, tunnels & straps is 10 working days and will be sent out separately.

Dog agility tunnels are made from heavy duty (610gsm) flame retardant PVC in a variety of colours. The standard diameter is 600mm and they can be made in lengths from 1M to 6M.

Three different sizes of spring wire is available which determines the weight of the tunnel, light, medium and heavy duty. These spring wire coils are protected by a thick PVC scuff strip extrusion which is heat bonded on the medium or heavy duty tunnels, or sewn onto the light weight tunnels.  Our PVC scuff strip extrusion is available in black as standard or blue as a special. Black poly prop webbing is used and sewn over the wire spring coils if loops are required on the lightweight tunnels. Enclosed end rings at both ends keep the tunnel open.

Our agility tunnels concertina down for easy storage and are waterproof and easy clean. We have an extensive colour range of PVC materials available, along with a choice of two colours of non-slip material. Colour combinations of your choice can be used for the medium and heavy weight striped tunnels.  As well as the standard PVC material, our lightweight range also has the additional option of a tunnel with a black mesh panel or ones made from a camouflage bag cloth material.

Our non-slip material is a double sided PVC, typically used in the manufacture of gym mats.  One side of this material has a more textured finish, this goes on the inside of the tunnel and offers a little more grip when the dogs are running through.  If used outside and gets wet, however, it can still be a slippy with it being a PVC material. 

With any of our tunnels dogs must be supervised at all times.


Because of the high cost of shipping Agility tunnels overseas, Naylor Agility Tunnels have established independent distributers who buy in bulk and distribute locally reducing the cost of freight you would incur if purchased individually.
America/Canada and surrounding Countries – Clean Run Productions
If you are in this area and are looking to purchase any Naylor Agility tunnels please contact pam@cleanrun.com or info@cleanrun.com.
They have a wide range of standard Naylor Agility Tunnels on their website and also take regularly bespoke orders to suit your exact requirements.
If you are in this area and are looking to purchase any Naylor Agility tunnels please contact Anna at anna@out-n-out.se or info@outnout.se who also take bespoke orders to your exact requirements.
We would be pleased to accept any other distributors in other areas of the world who are able to buy in bulk and distribute locally, if you are interested please contact nayloragility@naylor.co.uk
If you’re outside of the UK we’re happy to ship your order directly to you however please be aware that due to varying shipping costs you’ll have to contact us on +44 1226 444 378 to place your order.

Our extensive range of Agility Tunnels include:

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