New Non Slip Plus Agility Tunnels

We were asked by Agility Net for a brief history of our journey from the first agility tunnels we manufactured in the UK in 1983 to the newest innovation and release of our NON SLIP PLUS tunnels in July 2023.

Naylor Agility are an established UK manufacturer of 40 years of top quality Agility Tunnels sold all over the world, from the USA, Japan, Scandinavia, Europe to name a few.

We received our first enquiry to make a wire reinforced tunnel specifically for an agility club in September 1983 from a Mrs Venables who was based in Kent. Mrs Venables originally contacted the Coal Board for some ducting and they put her in contact with us.

Our first tunnels were made from the Coal Board mining material – so they were a white heavy duty construction.  It was a 600mm diameter and 4m long, the wire was what we used in mining ducting so was again heavy duty.

We introduced colours following an advert in ‘Dog Training Weekly’ in early 1984.

Alvah Developments became our agents for UK supply in 1988 until they retired in 1997, Caroway Contractors then took over for a few years until we began supplying the public direct.

Around 2014 we introduced many more colours, different sizes and weights and launched our E-Commerce website.

Our factory in Wombwell, South Yorkshire, still hand manufacturer the tunnels to order, ensuring our customers get a full choice of sizes, lengths, colours and weights.

As a UK manufacturer, Naylor Agility do find our involvement with clubs, trainers, teams and all at competitions, beneficial in understanding what is required from grass roots to the highest level. We speak with all ages at all stages of their agility journey. This gives a different insight in to trends, rules and requirements. This involvement has resulted in the development of our NON-SLIP PLUS tunnels which have been extremely well received by the agility community

New Product Alert

Naylor agility tunnelsWe are extremely pleased to launch our most recent development with our new NON-SLIP+ range of agility tunnels which are now available in Light Blue and Yellow. We have learnt from working with our customers that bright colours are preferred for visibility during competition and training. These new tunnels are constructed using a new highly textured material on one side giving the inside of the tunnel significantly more grip.

Naylor Agility have made extra heavy weight agility tunnels for many years, first in the name of Amco Plastics Ltd which was purchased by Naylor Specialist Plastics over 10 years ago. The Naylor Management Team saw an opportunity to increase the range and make the tunnels more accessible to the agility community as a whole and launched the brand “Naylor Agility”. Thus offering an increased colour range of the 600mm diameter tunnels and added in 400mm puppy tunnels 800mm Hoopers and 1000mm large dog and as it turned out, Donkey tunnels. These are offered in various weights for non-competitive and competitive applications.

Naylor Agility have always tried to increase the range based on customers requests and requirements, our non-slip tunnels have changed over the years with the availability of suitable materials. The most recent development of the NON-SLIP+ tunnel came from working with a long term customer of tunnels, who requested a specific high textured material, once sourced in the UK, samples were manufactured and trials completed. The material proved to be very suitable and increased the grip in the tunnel without being too rough to hinder the progress of the dogs.

These tunnels were added in July 2023 to our website in two colours, bright yellow and light blue, and have already received many excellent reviews and comments.

“Probably the best on the market”

“Cost effective transport costs due to UK manufacture”

Here are some additional details about Naylor Agility:

  • We are a family-owned Yorkshire based business and have been in operation for over 40 years.
  • All tunnels are handmade to our customers specific requirements
  • A full range of sandbags to suit everyone’s preference is available in all colours
  • We are committed to providing high-quality long lasting products that are made in the UK and are proud to be supporting UK Manufacturing.
  • UK manufacturing reduces the carbon footprint of our products against those imported from Europe and around the world (8 times less carbon per full pallet from Europe)
  • UK Transport costs also help keep our tunnels and sandbags more competitive
  • We are passionate about agility, and we believe that our products can help people of all levels of experience enjoy the sport.


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